Count on Us to Make and Deliver Your Medical Remedies

Learn why we are so passionate about natural medicine

We started Roots 2 Remedies because we believe everyone should have the right to be in control of their own healthcare. Whether you're trying to find holistic medicine, take holistic medicine in conjunction with pharmaceuticals, or make your own natural medicine, we're here to help. Pills can be expensive and cause many adverse side effects. We will teach you an efficient, cost-effective way to make your own natural remedies. Our clients mean the world to us, and we love teaching them about the benefits of natural medicine.

Still skeptical about our products? Call 207-723-2075 now to schedule a free consultation in Millinocket & Medway, Maine. We won't even charge a travel fee if we have to drive to you.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Passionate, dedicated service is the guiding principle of Roots 2 Remedies. Below are a few ways we stand out from other medical product makers in the Millinocket & Medway, Maine area:

  • We use our products, so we know how well they work firsthand.
  • We'll do everything we can to get you the products you need.
  • We are trying to be green and sustainable and we take steps to be more sustainable everyday. Our salves are going to be sold in good, old-fashioned mason jars when we run out of plastic!
  • We will give you a free consultation
  • We will delivery remedies to you across the state of Maine
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Herbal remedy education
  • Caregiver on-site

Trust us to make you a remedy that will lift your spirits and decrease your spending. Reach out to us today to learn more about our natural medicinal products in Millinocket & Medway, Maine.