Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

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Care-Giving Services

Care-Giving Services

We will teach you everything you need to know about natural medicine

Events & Classes

Events & Classes

Find out how you can grow and make your own natural products

Natural Medicine Delivery

Natural Medicine Delivery

We're willing to drive long distances to remedy your pain

Find a Natural Remedy for Your Chronic Pain

Come to us for all of your natural medicinal needs in Millinocket & Medway, Maine

You'll save money and mileage with our services

We will make sure your products are delivered safely. During our consultation, we will discuss your needs and explain which products will help you experience optimal relief. We provide Natural Medicine to Millinocket & Medway, Maine and the surrounding areas.

Contact us ASAP to schedule your medical delivery service in Millinocket & Medway, Maine or neighboring areas.

Want to learn to make your own products?

Roots 2 Remedies offers classes for growing and making medical products. We recently opened an apothecary in Millinocket & Medway, Maine. Your days of searching for a decent pill to treat your symptoms is over. Go the natural route by trying one of our herbal products.

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Ask about our certified kitchen for rent!

Treat the Root of Your Pain With One of Our Remedies

Try some of our medical edibles in or near Millinocket & Medway, Maine

Don't settle for expensive pills that have dire side effects. Invest in a natural remedy that will treat your pain and enhance your state of mind. We make and sell natural medicinal products in Millinocket & Medway, Maine. Some unique aspects of my business include:

Support groups--Join our cancer an chronic pain support groups!

A 10% discount for senior citizens and veterans

Delivery service for residents in Millinocket, Portland, Lincoln & Medway

We are passionate about offering top-quality products and providing the best possible service for our clients. We will provide whatever remedies you need to restore your health.

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**Our products are not FDA approved

10% OFF

for senior citizens and veterans